Mr. Mike Kee

MIKEKEE left the Singapore Navy in 2000 after having completed 20 years of service.He had served various distinguished appointments in the Singapore Navy such as Captainof 3 Republic of Singapore Warships.

MikeKee was appointed as International Maritime Organization (IMO) consultant from2003 to 2008 and performed many IMO seminars andworkshops in countries like Jakarta, Surabaya, Romania, Pakistan, Brunei, SirLanka, Cambodia and South Korea. He joined the International Labour Organization(ILO) MLC Working Committee for the design, development and conduct of theTraining of Trainers and Maritime Inspectors on the application of MLC at the InternationalTraining Centre of ILO, Turin.

Academically,he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Distinctionfrom RMIT, Australia and obtained his Master of Education from Monash University,Australia.

Capt Tan Chin Han

CaptTan Chin Han was the Master of LNG vessel with MSIC.   

He has been in the maritime education for 20years specializing in simulator-based training.

Tan Chin Han是来西航运集团液化天然气船的20余年海事培训经验授模器相关

Capt Francis Wee

Capt Francis Wee was the Deputy Training Director of MPA Singapore.

   He has been actively involved in the entirerange of maritime training for the past 20 years.

Francis Wee船长是新加坡海事局培总监20余年海事培训经验

Capt John Liew

Capt John Liew was the Project Manager of SNIMI for past 5 years responsible for DDBcadets training and counselling.   

He wasalso involved in the conduct of non-simulator training courses such asleadership and management, METP and SQRT.


Capt Sanjeev Soni

Capt Sanjeev Soni has more than 30 years of combined experience in Shipping andMaritime Education and Training.

Hespecializing in Command Assessment Programme and simulator-based training.

Sanjeev Soni船,30余年航海及海事培训经验,擅务评目及模器培

Capt Ozgur

Capt Ozgur was the Singhai Training Manager specializing in METP training.


Mr. Tan Kwang Keng

TanKwang Keng was the ex-Navy Captain and Singapore Workforce Development Agencyapproved trainer.   He has been actively involvedin the conduct

ofCadetPlus programme, maritime security, maritime resource management andleadership training.

Tan Kwang Keng,前新加坡海军舰长,新加坡劳动展局指定培训师,擅长实习生增,海上安全,海事源管理级领导力等

C/EKwok Fook Sing

C/EKwok Fook Sing has been in the maritime training since 2002.   He is specializing in engine cadets, engineroom resource and team management training.

Kwok Fook Sing老,2002年开始海事培,擅舱实习生培,机舱团队源管理等

Singhai Part-time Trainers (森海兼职教师)

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