The Singapore Organization (SOS), the Nantong Shipping College (NSC) and the Singhai Marine Services (SMS) have decided to pool their resources so as to be better able to meet the challenge and satisfy the expectation of a demanding international market.

They jointly established a training institute called the Singapore (Nantong) International Maritime Institute (SNIMI) to meet the training requirements of the respective customers of the three parties and the maritime community in general.

SNIMI’S mission is to provide the best quality maritime education and training in mandatory and non-mandatory Merchant Marine courses for both international and local shipping companies.

Located inside the campus of NSC, SNIMI currently occupies three storeys of NSC Auxiliary Administration Building, or about a total area of 24,000 square metres, comprising offices, conference rooms, seminar rooms, multimedia classrooms and fully equipped CBT rooms. In addition NSC’s full spectrum of teaching equipment and facilities also includes full mission navigation simulator, engine room simulator and mock-up, seamanship training facilities and welding centre, library and information centre, swimming pool and stadium, all of which are completely accessible to SNIMI.

SNIMI has a team of highly qualified and competent trainers who are mainly from overseas. All the courses and programmes will be conducted in English.

SNIMI is in the process of attaining the ISO9001-2008 standards (DNV) for both maritime training centre and maritime simulator centre.

SNIMI’s dream is not only to match its competition but also to aspire to be the market leader in the maritime training industry.


To be one of the best maritime training institutes of its class.


To continuously innovate our training methodology and delivery so as to provide the best quality in education and training for mandatory and non-mandatory merchant marine courses.

To add value to each and every one of the seafarer that passes through SNIMI.

For shipping companies or employers

If your company wishes to re-train, upgrade or value-add the supply of your seafarer workforce, SNIMI has all the training capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities to enhance their competencies in dealing with ever increasing demands and challenges of the competitive maritime environment. Motivate your maritime staff to embark with SNIMI.

Quality System

We have   been certified   by DNV Singapore with ISO9001:2008   respectively   and   the   quality   system.


2012 SNIMI Organization Chart


地址:江苏省南通市经济技术开发区通盛大道185号 邮编:226010
ADD:No. 185, Tongsheng Rd, Nantong Economic and Technical  Development Zone, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China.  Postcode:  226010